Loosing My Inner Yosemite Sam


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Still Looking Beautiful

Still Looking Beautiful, originally uploaded by marrngtn (Manuel).

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Memorial Gathering for George Hamilton

A few friends gathered at 5PM at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, Maryland today to remember a classmate and friend George Hamilton.





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Thanksgiving Day BBQ

If you dont know you dont know!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.

We are thankful all that has been given, every obstacle and
oppurtunity. They shape us and make us better each day.

We are grilling turkey and steak today.

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Petition to Honor David “Nicky” Lynch

Hello to all of the Eleanor Roosevelt and Glenarden Friends. Barrett Matthews and I got together over a year ago and went to a Glenarden Town Hall Meeting to see if we could get some recognition for the accomplishments of our friend and yours David “Nicky” Lynch.  Barrett has continued working on this and we recently decided to put together a petition to show the Mayor and the City Council that there is lots of support to rename some of the facilities in Glenarden to honor Nicky.  Please sign the petition and spread the word.

Petition to Honor David “Nicky” Lynch: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/NickyLynch/


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The indomitably of the human spirit in the US Army Tenmiler

I witnessed the indomitably of the human spirit during the US Army
Tenmiler on Sunday the 24th of October 2010.

I looked at the first group to leave the start area and thought to
myself how many excuses have kept me from reaching zen that this group
has achieved with their inner being. They have every excuse to stop
and quit but they choose to push forward.

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Alena Reta from NYC took the race for the second year straight.  Reta took the lead about a half mile out and never lost it.  The only question was could he keep the pace he was setting.  He kept the pace and first place for the entire 10 miles around Washington.  It was the Alena Reta Show.  There was an exciting foot race for third, fourth and fifth overall.

It was a great race and a great day.

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Coach Arrington @ Breakfast

Discussing the fine details….

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