Petition to Honor David “Nicky” Lynch

Hello to all of the Eleanor Roosevelt and Glenarden Friends. Barrett Matthews and I got together over a year ago and went to a Glenarden Town Hall Meeting to see if we could get some recognition for the accomplishments of our friend and yours David “Nicky” Lynch.  Barrett has continued working on this and we recently decided to put together a petition to show the Mayor and the City Council that there is lots of support to rename some of the facilities in Glenarden to honor Nicky.  Please sign the petition and spread the word.

Petition to Honor David “Nicky” Lynch:



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4 responses to “Petition to Honor David “Nicky” Lynch

  1. Joseph Barber

    To my friend, much love. Thanks for the things that you taught me about coaching.

  2. Nikki

    Coach, thank you for being a great and giving person! You will be honored.

  3. Lester Butler

    I had the opportunity to coach Nicky Lynch at Glenarden Boy’s and Girl’s Club in footbal for 3 years and he was very coachable. I am and alway been proud of him and his accomplishment.
    Coach Lester Butler

  4. Dean Hawkins

    I pray that this great man’s legacy will be able to continue so that generations to come will know and respect hm, and Glenarden.

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