Trying to get Coach David “Nick” Lynch Honored


Went to the Glenarden Town Hall Meeting with Barrett Mathews a long time friend from the neighborhood last night.  Barrett was one of the folks that grew up knowing Nick from kindergarten on up.

We have an idea that we would like to get support from all of the folks that grew up with Nick.  We have an idea and would like to put the following proposals forward to honor Coach David “Nick” Lynch:

  • Have the Glenarden Recreation Center and Field named in honor of Nick
  • Have the Field at the recreation center named in honor of Nick.
  • Have the road leading into the recreation center named in honor of Nick.
  • Get support for a summer program for kids at the recreation center in support of Nick.
  • Some combination of the above proposals.

We are going to need to get support from all the folks in the neighborhood to ensure that we have clear and visible support.  Most of us still have parents living in Glenarden so we really need to reach out and connect to our friends.

Barrett and I discussed this at length and really need your help to make this happen.



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4 responses to “Trying to get Coach David “Nick” Lynch Honored

  1. Ursula Allen Harris

    Hi to both of you!! I found out via email that Nicky has passed away. What a legend he leaves behind!! I am so proud to have known David “Nicky” Lynch. I can remember the times when I would be stuck in DC and Nicky would just come and get me from my cousin’s house. He also coached my little cousin (Andrew Betancourt) and encouraged him to go on to play football in college (Marshall University). None of my family is still in Glenarden but I think the ideas that you all have would be worth fighting for.
    Peace, love & many blessings

    • Ursula,

      Please pass the word along. If we are gonna to accomplish anything like this we need support from all of the folks we grew up with and went to school with throughout the years.

  2. Barrett

    Manuel this is a great way to drum up support. I also sent that letter to Brian Norwood and I am awaiting his reply. Nicky’s passing will not go in vain.

  3. Andi Carter

    This is indeed an awesome idea and well-deserved. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist from Atlanta. I know there are tons of folk (in Glenarden and formerly so) who would also help. Just let me know is needed. All my best to you and Barrett. Please have him email me at (Hey, Barrett! Hope you and Dean are well.)

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