David “Nick” Lynch

Wednesday, 12/31/08, I was saddened to learn that a friend of mine from way back had been killed in a car crash. It is so ironic that only a week earlier I had found and posted this photo(Nick is all the way on the left with the red and white striped shirt) as part of my “Way Back Tuesday” pool on flickr.  I have known Nick since kindergarten at Glenarden Woods Elementary School.

2008 was a crappy year.  I lost my cousin, my dad, the son of very good friend/coworker and a relationship of significance in my life.  The year could not just leave with what it had already taken but had to add another in its waning hours.

I was so happy when we had our twenty year class reunion to learn that he was the football coach for Suitland HS.  I promised him that I would come and see his team play.  He laughed and said yeah everybody promises.

Much to his surprise I did bring my family out to see his team play football. I never will forget at the end of the game him running around collecting the flags from the stands.  I got to see another long time acquaintance at the game Chris Jones.

In 2006 we came out to Ravens Stadium in FREEZING weather to support the team in their championship game. Suitland won the game and it was well worth the expense of blankets and arctic gear.

RIP Nick…You touched the lives of so many young men….




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3 responses to “David “Nick” Lynch

  1. R.L. Barnes

    This is definitely a sad end to a good life. I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss. Mr. Lynch was definitely one of the unique ones with his drive and determination. He will be greatly missed by all those he touched.

    Gob bless

  2. Terri Jones

    The world will always benefit from his presence on this Earth & now Heaven will share the joy of his love. May we learn from him going forward that it’s what we do for others that is most important.

    Stay blessed !

  3. Le Mia

    hi my name is Le Mia Im his niece, thank you for writing this its good to know more about him i didnt see him much…

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